On February 13th 2015, the International Association for the study of Religion and Gender (IARG) was officially founded at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. This association is an outcome of the internationalisation project of religion and gender (2012-2015) and welcomes scholars from around the world working in the field of religion and gender. The International Association for the study of Religion and Gender aims to connect, bring together, and support scholars working in this field and to foster the development of this interdisciplinary field of study. It operates as a network and a platform of exchange and collaboration in research, and organizes support, training and coaching in particular for young scholars in this field.

The IARG organizes a biannual conference, of which the first conference was held in 2015, of which you can find the programme on the conference website. Besides these conferences, the IARG organizes various other network activities and provides both an online and offline network. The IARG facilitates the publication of the journal Religion and Gender. It further promotes exchange and networking among PhD students in the field and will launch a book series in the near future.

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Board members, from left to right
  • Anne-Marie Korte, Professor of Religion, Gender and Modernity, Utrecht University, NL (chair)
  • Ulrike Auga, Professor of Theology and Gender Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
  • Kristin Aune, Senior Research Fellow, Coventry University, UK
  • Kathrine van den Bogert MA, PhD candidate, Utrecht University, NL (junior board member)
  • Peter Nynäs, Professor of Comparative Religion, Åbo Akademi University, Finland
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